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Lash Boss Pro

Advance Lash Adhesive 1 second

Advance Lash Adhesive 1 second

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Our new adhesive range is more flexible throughout a wider range of environmental conditions.

It’s also longer lasting. Get a new adhesive bottle once you notice a change in the adhesives viscosity and/or behavior. If stored correctly, tests have shown to work well up to 3 months after opening. Lasts 12 months unopened from date of manufacturing.

Adhesive Specifications:


59-95F (66-75F is optimal)


15% to 85% (40%-70% is optimal)


In optimal conditions: 1-2 seconds

Lower than 15% humidity: 4-5 seconds (weaker bond)

15-25% humidity: 3-4 seconds

25-40% humidity: 2-3 seconds

40-70% humidity (optimal): 1-2 seconds

Higher than 70% humidity: 0.5-1 seconds (weaker bond)

Temperature will also affect performance. The hotter it is, the faster it will set. The cooler it is, the slower it will set.


Thin (based on 55% humidity and 69.8 °F )

Adhesive will thicken if the liquid is too cold and can become watery if liquid temperature is too warm.

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