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Easy Lift 15 ml

Easy Lift 15 ml

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Unlike traditional primers, which open the lash cuticle as quickly and destructively as a bolt of lighting, Easy Lift Primer has been specially formulated to open the cuticle slowly and gently — like a flower bud slowly unfurling its petals.

This ultra-gentle formulation leaves lashes soft, supple, and ultra-pliable while allowing the cuticle to open fully. The result is evenly-primed, perfectly-prepped lashes or brows, every single time!


- Longer curing time allows cuticles to open 100%, allowing the primer to penetrate evenly
- Removes sebum and natural oils without dehydrating or damaging lashes
- Makes lashes soft, supple, and "super-bendy"
- Primes lashes so they stick securely to the shield — no more annoying pop-offs!
- Great for clients with especially coarse, stubborn lashes and/or brows
- Cruelty-free
- Made in the EU from medical grade ingredients

Easy Lift works to gently regulate the pH of the lashes or brows to prepare them for treatment, while dissolving sebum and opening the lash cuticles. Within the first 3 seconds of application, the Easy Lift formula wraps evenly around every individual hair. After 20-30 seconds, Easy Lift begins to slowly lift the cuticles— ever so gently! The slow and steady pace means that unlike traditional primers, all cuticles will be lifted evenly — without dehydrating or damaging the lashes.

Easy Lift also works to soften the individual hair fibers to make even the strongest, most stubborn lashes soft, supple and super-bendy! This makes your job as a lash artist significantly easier as there's no more fighting to keep your client's lashes in place during treatment.

How to use for lashes:

To be used before a lift treatment or before a tint treatment. Use a microfiber wand to paint the lashes from base to tip, making sure to cover the top side and bottom side of the lashes. Wait 30 seconds before putting the lashes onto the lift shield.

How to use for brows:

Apply a generous amount of Easy Lift Primer to a microfiber wand and carefully "paint" each eyebrow with smooth, even strokes, then use the same wand to comb the brows "against the grain" to ensure consistent application. Pay extra attention to the little cross hairs as they are the most stubborn to lift. Take care not to soak the brows with excessive product. Wait a full 30 seconds for the brow cuticles to open fully before proceeding to the next step of the treatment.



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