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Growin and Showin Spray

Growin and Showin Spray

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Meet Growin’ and Showin’, Lash Affair’s revolutionary oral vitamin spray created to support lash, hair, skin, and nail fullness + growth. You’ve gotta fortify your natural lashes with the good stuff, lash health starts from the inside out. She contains biotin, vitamin C, iron, vitamin E, amino acids, and all the other essential building blocks for hair growth. She loves to show off - use this spray on the daily and watch your lashes grow longer, stronger, and thick AF in as little as 10 days!


  • 90% or more absorption rate (compared to 20-30% with traditional pills or gummies)
  • Contains the building blocks for collagen and keratin (the proteins that naturally boost your hair, skin, and nails)
  • As you age, your cellular turnover slows down, this is just a part of aging! Our formula is designed to help put your health back into your own hands + fight the signs of aging on a cellular level
  • Don’t forget about iron, babe! People who are anemic are more prone to thinning hair, and our formula helps to combat that process


  • Spray directly into mouth and hold 5 seconds before swallowing
  • You can take up to 8 sprays per day, we suggest 2 sprays 4x per day




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