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Kaio Black Adhesive

Kaio Black Adhesive

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Don’t let the shade fool you, Kaio doesn’t exist in Omnia’s shadow. It’s a star in its own right. 

With the same quick setting, lightning fast drying time, Kaio provides superior hold and long-lasting retention. This bonding agent is specifically formulated to be versatile in a wide range of environments. It provides ease of use well suited for intermediate and advanced artists alike. Kaio undergoes a double-purification process to reduce toxicity as well as reduce skin irritation and allergic response.


  • Format: 10ml/0.34 fl oz.
  • Humidity range: 25 - 60% (Optimal humidity 30-55%)
  • Temperature range: 69°F - 75°F (Optimal temperature 71°F to 74°F)
    • Drying time

      • <15% humidity: 4-5 seconds (reduced possibility of optimal polymerization for longer hold)
      • 15-20% humidity: 2-3 seconds
      • 20-30% humidity: 2 - 3 seconds
      • 30-55% humidity: 1 second
      • >55% humidity: immediate to 0.5 seconds (reduced possibility of optimal polymerization for longer hold)
    • Retention: When applied in optimal environment, on clean lashes and maintained with adequate aftercare, the expected retention is 4-5 weeks. 
    • Viscosity: Medium
    • Color: Seamless black
    • Bond: Strong, semi-flexible structure
    • Latex free, humidity resistant and water resistant post-polymerization
    • Fumes: Minimal. Working in high temperature, high humidity environments increases fume intensity.


    • Unopened bottles: 5-6 months
    • Opened bottles:
      • Full time lash artists (12+ clients/week): replace bottles every 23 days
      • Part time lash artists (5-10 clients/week): replace bottle every 4-5 weeks)
      • Occasional use (<5 clients/week): replace bottle every 5-6 weeks)

    Revoläshion does not recommend “stocking up” on more than 5 bottles of adhesive at a time, to avoid the use of expired adhesive. 

    Proper storage increases shelf life. See details below.


    • Unopened bottles: Stored in the fridge in an air-tight container with silica. Allow 45-60 minutes for adhesive to reach room temperature and shake vigorously prior to use. 
    • Opened bottles: Store in an air-tight container or original zip packaging with silica. Keep away from heaters, direct sunlight and open flames. Do not leave glue in any uncontrolled environment such as your car.
    • Keep nozzle clean and replace if necessary (every bottle comes with 2 nozzles and glue pin). Do not wipe nozzle with tissue, paper towel or any wet materials. Recommended cleaning method is a lint-free, cotton-free wipe or makeup sponge.
    • Close nozzle tightly after every use to avoid extended exposure to oxygen and moisture.
    • Shake 20-30 seconds prior to dispensing glue droplet.
    • Replace glue droplet every 20-30 minutes
    • Can be used for both classic and volume lashing.


    • For professional use only. Customer is responsible for following state regulations with respect to licensing and certification. Use with extreme caution and care.
    • Can only be used when eyes are fully closed. Not intended for self-application.
    • In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Seek medical advice immediately.
    • Keep out of the reach of children.
    • Combustible: Keep away from open flames. Keep away from heat sources > 95°F. Avoid all contact with any cotton fibers/sheets/disposable as this interaction can cause combustion.
    • Revoläshion does not endorse the use of glue rings or glue holders/palettes placed on the client’s forehead. Adhesive should be as far away as possible from both technician’s and client’s airways to minimize inhalation of rising fumes. 
    • Adhesives should only be utilized in well ventilated, humidity/temperature controlled environments to minimize exposure to fumes.

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