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Lash Nap Spray

Lash Nap Spray

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Lash Nap is Lash Affair's revolutionary oral vitamin spray containing melatonin and soothing herbs to give your clients a relaxing lash experience that leaves them well rested, reenergized, and lashed up!  


  • 90% or more absorption rate (compared to 20-30% with traditional pills or gummies)
  • Contains 10 different ingredients that aid in soothing + calming your brain, including melatonin to help with the sleep-wake cycle, hydroxytryptophan for increased serotonin production, and amino acids to help relieve stress and improve sleep
  • Contains arginine which is an amino acid that helps in the production of keratin. So you get a Lash Nap, while also helping your lashes grow!
  • Counteracts anxious feelings from the discomfort of bright lights used during a lash appointment + the daily blue light exposure from your phone that prevents you from relaxing naturally
  • Perfect for lash artists in the studio, if your client is sleeping, it’s easier to lash without fluttery eyes!
  • Perfect for those first time lash clients + clients who may have had a not so relaxing experience in the past

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