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Lash Affair Lash Tile

Lash Affair Lash Tile

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Meet our new + improved lash tile! This “lash-saver” was designed as a larger size to save you from needing to grab more lashes mid-service. Plus, it’s made from a sturdy resin material, so you never have to worry about the risk of shattering your tile if it accidentally gets dropped. The best part? Our new tile is wide enough to fit an entire strip of our Dirty Little Secrets premade lashes. 

Lay down those lash strips and get ready to create dope lash looks for each client! By mixing strips of different curls and lengths on one tile, you can make each set special and perfect your art. Don't worry about getting messy with this one, you can easily clean up with acetone, or use our Couture Lash Extensions with easy-peel strips to avoid sticky residue. Our lash collections even have their diameter, curl, and length written on their strips, so you don't need to follow a prefabricated design with lines and numbers (we're all about nonconformity).


  • 14cm wide x 10cm tall 
  • Hard plastic resin won’t break when dropped
  • Matte, stark white on front to minimize glare
  • Fits 20+ lines of premade lash strips and 40+ regular size strips when placed side by side

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