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Lash Boss Pro

Mixed Length Trays

Mixed Length Trays

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What You’ll Get
One Lash Tray, 16 strips (over 7000 lashes!)

All The Details
Artists love them. Clients ask for them by name. Our classic, faux-mink lash extensions tray makes it easy to work a variety of lengths into your lash looks for stunning results.

  • They’re lush, they’re dense, they’re super soft, and they’re comfy for everyday wear—everything you look for in lashes
  • You can choose your curl level, diameter, and a range of lengths to create unique lash looks
  • They look and feel ultra-luxe (but they’re not high-maintenance, promise) thanks to clean tips and a perfect curl that won’t quit
  • The intensely saturated, rich black shade makes every eye color pop
  • Our iconic satin-matte finish is not too dull, not too shiny—just right
  • The foil backing on every lash strip makes it easy to place and remove onto a lash palette without leaving any sticky residue

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