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Mixed Length Trays

Mixed Length Trays

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Enhance is the peak of lash extension manufacturing. The lashes feature an ultra-matte appearance, meaning that each lash works to absorb light, providing a dense, darker appearance. This works to erase the plastic look some lashes can have. 

Looking for the best lashes to use for lash extensions? Take a look at more benefits of the Enhance Collection below.

Mix Tray Lengths

  • B Curl - 7-13mm
  • C Curl - 7-13mm
  • CC Curl - 8-14mm
  • D Curl - 8-15mm

Enhance Lashes Collection Key Features:

  • Ultra-matte appearance.
  • High-quality treated PBT (holds curl).
  • Strong curls (see chart).
  • Soft and light lashes.
  • 2mm sticky strip.
  • Silicone adjusted making the fanning process simpler. 

Packaging Key Features:

  • The lash tray is recyclable. 
  • The tray features a foldable side panel, providing easy strip removal. 
  • Foil-backed strips. 
  • 2mm sticky strip, making fanning techniques simpler (all techniques).
  • Label across the strip.

Mixed lengths have 20 lines per tray

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