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Supreme Lash Adhesive 0.5-1 Seconds

Supreme Lash Adhesive 0.5-1 Seconds

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Supreme is the most recent addition to the LashBase Eyelash Extensions Adhesive range and is super-fast and flexible. We have created this adhesive in collaboration with our manufacturers, it is one of a kind, exclusive to us and only us. This eyelash extensions adhesive is best suited to highly experienced lash technicians as it cures in just 0.5 of a second! We do not recommend this eyelash extensions adhesive for beginners! If you work quickly and have been lashing for a long time, then Supreme is the adhesive for you.

Fast setting, low fumes/odour, and long lasting. Latex free.

Color: Black
Curing Time: 0.5 - 1 Second
Viscosity: Thin
Ideal Humidity: 40 – 70%
Ideal Temperature: 64-76 Degrees Fahrenheit

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